Letting Go of Fear

As the school year winds down, it's a good time to reflect on the overall health of your homeschool. How are you doing? How are your kids doing? It's also a good time to think about the decisions that you've made this year. How many of those decisions were made out of fear? It's certainly … Continue reading Letting Go of Fear


Earn Extra Cash with Bank Bonuses

If you're anything like I was, you don't spend time thinking about banking. Maybe you only ever deal with one bank and are convinced that it's good enough. All banks are basically the same, right? Wrong. Did you know that some banks will actually pay you to bank with them? I'm not talking about earning … Continue reading Earn Extra Cash with Bank Bonuses

Five Step Plan for Independent Study

One of my goals in homeschooling is to encourage my children to become lifelong learners. I desire that my kids pursue their interests and learn continually throughout their lives. Completing an independent study is a great way for students to learn about something outside of their regular curriculum or to expand on a topic that … Continue reading Five Step Plan for Independent Study